Serverless Cat Detector on AWS

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In this workshop, you will build CatDetector application aimed to detect a cat in a provided image. You will learn what is the serverless approach, where it can be useful and how it can affect your business.

Sebastian Feduniak
Kubernetes Cloud Architect

Sebastian Feduniak

For whom?

Anyone interested in Serverless, in particular:

  • Engineers that want to learn it through the practical exercises.
  • Managers that want to hear about its business advantages.

Any requirements?

No previous experience with Serverless is required and no programming experience is required.

What are the topics?

  1. Introducing AWS - brief introduction into cloud computing, with emphasis on AWS ecosystem and services available there.
  2. Serverless Evolution - showing how the software development lifecycle evolved, describing the transition from owning to consuming, and how serverless affected that revolution.
  3. Introducing the AWS services that we are going to use:
  • S3 - keeping input data and hosting the website
  • Lambda - computing the data
  • API Gateway - frontend and backend communication
  • DynamoDB - keeping results data
  • Image Rekognition - detecting cat in a picture
  • CloudWatch - monitoring
  • X-Ray - tracing
  1. Costs with a comparison to the traditional model.
  2. We will showcase what we will build during the workshop.
  3. Building the application. That will cover three main parts of the application: uploading images, processing them and presenting the results. We will address all the related topics: hosting the website, CORS, security and communication between the services.
  4. Debugging and tracing the application. We will show how it is simple in the AWS world. That will a short live session showing how to monitor the flow of the application and how to detect the errors.
  5. Improvements. In this part we will explain how to do the same programatically. We will answer how to run it in a production system and will propose CI/CD model. Two additional tools will be presented:
  • Serverless Framework - building Lambda function in the node.js
  • Cloudformation - managing the AWS infrastructure

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