Pragmatic Guide to Operations for Developers

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Covering some day-to-day best practices that often get neglected or their importance is belittled. From statistics, through monitoring, up to incident management. It not only explains technical details but also provides business justification to introduce it in your company.

Paweł Pikuła
Serverless Cloud Architect

Paweł Pikuła

For whom?

  • Developers interested in organizing operations practices properly.
  • Managers wanted to understand benefits it can bring to their business.

Any requirements?

There is no need for previous experience with operations, although general knowledge about monitoring is a plus.

What are the topics?

  1. Statistics and metrics theory. Everything you need to know before designing your monitoring system.
  2. Introduction to the RTB domain. Just some basics to understand the hands-on exercises that we work on in this workshop.
  3. Importance of monitoring with real world examples.
  4. Technical and business aspects of monitoring. We will explain why investing time in it is not wasting your money.
  5. Metrics driven development. Explaining why monitoring should be a part of development life-cycle, not just extra feature.
  6. Alerting on top of metrics. Introduction, good and bad practices.
  7. Incident management. How to organize the process and what can be automated.
  8. Continuous Delivery Culture. Last but not least, we will explain how you can use monitoring to improve your delivery process.

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