From Zero to AWS Serverless Hero

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During the workshop, we will plan and implement together with the participants a project called TextReader. It is an application that provides both textual and voice transcription of your notes delivered as photos. We will build a multi-layer app that will have a basic user interface, fully working authentication, back-end, and will be integrated with various AWS services. Our goal is to deliver a working application, learn about the most critical services in practice, and learn how to debug, observe, and monitor such application on production.

Paweł Pikuła
Serverless Cloud Architect

Paweł Pikuła

For whom?

  • Anyone interested in Serverless, in particular engineers that want to learn it through the practical exercises.

Any requirements?

No previous experience with AWS is required but some basic programming skills are a plus.

What are the topics?

  1. Introducing AWS - brief introduction into cloud computing, with emphasis on AWS ecosystem and services available there.
  2. Serverless Evolution - showing how the software development lifecycle evolved, describing the transition from owning to consuming, and how serverless affected that revolution.
  3. Introducing the AWS services that we need for implementing the business logic: IAM, S3, Lambda, Textract, Comprehend, Polly, DynamoDB and API Gateway.
  4. Talking about pricing and costs with a comparison to the traditional model.
  5. Implementing the application. It includes integration of the services from above, adding business logic, configuring and hosting the website.
  6. Debugging and tracing the application. We will show how simple it is in the AWS world. That will be a short live session showing how to monitor the flow of the application and how to detect the errors.
  7. Introducing CloudFormation, SAM and Serverless Framework. Explaining how to automate what we did so far.
  8. Introducing the AWS service that we gonna use to improve architecture, security and user interface: Congnito, CloudFront, Amplify, SQS and Step Functions.
  9. Migrating the previous application into a new approach.
  10. Integration testing with Lambda.
  11. Introducing security by the frontend and backend sides.
  12. Explaining possible ways to the serverless application outside the cloud.
  13. Considering Step Functions as an alternative workflow engine.

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