Amazon DynamoDB in Practice

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If you are already using DynamoDB and still have an impression you don’t fully understand it - come and get your questions answered. Practical assignments will give you more than you expect.

Daniel Krysiak
Databases Cloud Architect

Daniel Krysiak

For whom?

  • People interested in mastering their DynamoDB skills.

Any requirements?

It requires hands-on production experience with AWS and Amazon DynamoDB.

What are the topics?

  1. The architecture of Amazon DynamoDB in the context of
    • Service SLA and non-functional requirements like availability and performance.
    • How to design and implement a highly-available architecture that leverages SLA?
    • Optimizing schema and queries in the context of RCU and WCU.
  2. The theory and internals behind Capacity Provisioning:
    • Manual
    • Auto Scaling
    • OnDemand
    • Reserved Capacity
  3. Data Modelling in the context of Performance and Availability (practical assignments):
    • Searching via multiple attributes (overloading indexes)
    • One-to-many.
    • Many-to-many.
  4. Backup and Recovery strategies (practical assignments):
    • Out-of-the-box solutions.
    • Mirroring to S3 buckets.
    • Amazon Data Pipeline.

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