Microservices: What Makes Developer Happy?

What is this about? You may want to check our previous article to gather some insights about Microservices in general. In this blog post, I’d like to present my very subjective view on 10 traits that when present, will make Microservices much pleasant to use by developers … and ultimately put a smile on their faces :) Ten traits of Microservices that make developers happy Recently I had a meeting with experienced architects - we wanted to define what Microservice means.

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Microservices: Ultimate Compilation of Valuable Resources

Motivation In this blog, we want to gather valuable resources about Microservices in a single place. Bookmark it, because we update it in the future. Theory Martin Fowler described Microservices well, and we believe it is a good start. The best way to start with microservice topic is following presentation: Above presentation is an excellent introduction to Fowler’s article available here. Keep in mind that presentation does not cover the whole article, so we encourage to read a whole article.

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