Functional Programming

Ode to Erlang

On the beginning… I wrote this blog post for myself. Myself from 10 years ago, to be precise. This is a post I wish I could send back in time and show to myself. I’m sure it would change my direction and career. If you have heard about Erlang but are not sure if it is worth giving it a try…or you just love Erlang and would like to hear my praise for it, please read on.

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Functional Programming in Serverless World

Motivation You may have noticed the first part here. If not, it is more or less a business case for serverless computing. I have explained there the what and whys behind serverless, but also talked about the architectural, economic and operational impact that it has on your systems and products. We have left a fascinating question there, wondering if the first word in FaaS acronym (function as a service) means something, for the functional programmers.

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The Business Case for Serverless Architecture

Motivation Can we use a functional programming language with AWS Lambda? Someone in our team, a year ago It is incredible how a single question can direct you into an exciting place. Journey through that rabbit hole turned out to be a crazy, but excellent chance to build know-how which we can leverage for our clients. Today I do not tell you how much yak-shaving is required to use our beloved functional languages in serverless.

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