Continuous Delivery

How We (almost) Reinvented Jenkins X on Our Own

Introduction I assume that almost everyone heard about the Jenkins. Many of you heard about the Kubernetes. In the world of infrastructure as a code in many cases, we set up Jenkins server in an automated fashion. There are plenty of solutions which we can leverage - starting from Jenkins Job Builder, through job-dsl and ending with Jenkins Pipelines. However, here comes a tricky question: how many of you automated Jenkins setup on Kubernetes?

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A Recipe for Safe Scale Down of the Amazon ECS cluster

Introduction and Problem definition If you have worked with containers and AWS for sure you have heard about Amazon Elastic Container Service, called in short ECS. It is a workhorse for your AWS infrastructure, mainly if you use containers and do not use Kubernetes. Operating this service in most cases is an enjoyable experience. However, there is one caveat which you need to be aware. The problem surfaces when you would like to downsize your cluster, but you want to preserve certain machines from being removed.

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The last thing that I missed in the CloudFormation

We don’t need expressive language, except when we need it By the end of August AWS released a developer preview of the Cloud Development Kit (aws-cdk in short), which allows you to codify infrastructure code in your language of choice. A real programming language. You may ask: why is it a big deal? Imagine that you have to prepare 30 IAM user accounts and S3 buckets with the following permissions:

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