Team Augmentation


Our experienced engineers help clients develop products in the cloud. Each team member is cross-functional so we can deliver value on multiple stages:

Agile Planning

Compltexity of Cloud Engineering makes many problems appear in later stage. Senior and cross-funcional engineers who raise such problems during planning save your money and time.

Software Development

Our clients appreciate our elasticity and pragmatic approach for software development. Knowing how to use available cloud services efficiently is our advantage and we have fun doing that.


Our engineers strongly believe that writing tests for the software is as important as writing business logic itself. Missing tests are indication of mediocrity and will be costly in a long term.


Infrastructure as a code and build pipelines are processes we use to iterate faster with infrastructure. Together with our clients we integrate multiple tools to deliver product in weeks not months.

"For me, their unique selling proposition is really just how experienced their crew is."