Spring Boot


Our experienced engineers help clients design, develop and maintain projects and architectures based on Spring Boot and JVM platform. Our teams provided support in the following areas:

Spring Boot Consulting

Trust an experienced team of architects and senior software engineers with experience in public transportation, logistics, travel and hospitality, and e-commerce domains using Spring Boot framework. Our people augment your team, provide training, introduce best practices in development and development processes. Each team member outside of the software development skills has substantial expertise in DevOps and Amazon Web Services.

Cloud Native Spring Boot Applications

Java with Spring Boot sits very well in “Cloud Native” paradigm. We have extensive experience in modern, scalable, streamlined architectures and workflows that can be described as Cloud Native. Containers, Kubernetes, orchestration, automated CI/CD pipelines, microservices, cloud or hybrid clusters? You name it and we’ll make it happen.

Path to Serverless with Spring Boot

Reduce your time to market considerably by going Serverless. Can it be done with Spring Boot? Yes it can! We’ve done it, the hard way and we are ready to pass our knowledge and experience to you to quickly create MVPs that can then become full fledged products. The main advantage here is that you don’t have to hire or acquire new skills in urgency but smoothly utilise current team and services you already have.

Monolith to Microservices

Already have a successful product running on-premise? Did it reach its limits in terms of scalability and maintenance? It can be transformed to microservices or even Serverless functions. It can be tricky and requires hard work. We know how to do this and we are eager to help, allowing you to focus on new business features. We can modernise any monolith application using best practices. It will give your product new breath and prepare it for the future.

High Scale and High Performance Systems

Well used Java can power up systems that require extreme scalability and performance. It requires a well planned approach and a lot of knowledge and experience with best practices and proper design patterns. Our architects can prepare architecture from scratch or update existing one to reach the desired level of performance. More importantly, along the way, prepare the system to handle future load and be ready using High Availability solutions.

Monitoring and DevOps

All of the aforementioned areas can be easily crippled by lack of proper automation, monitoring, metrics and general DevOps practices. Our engineers put heavy focus on those aspects at the same time making them fit current architecture and deployment models. Monitoring on Serverless is diametrically different from monitoring on on-premise hardware or containers one. DevOps and the deployment process fall into the same bucket of completely different approaches. Our engineers have done it all and are ready to utilise this expertise to your needs.

"For me, their unique selling proposition is really just how experienced their crew is."