Software Monitoring


Let’s build business metrics

Together we can make your product work 24/7 and reduce downtime to a minimum. We want to work with your engineers and product owners to achieve technical excellence in monitoring of your own product.

Real-time monitoring is achieved by metrics. They reduce the time required by your engineers to diagnose the issue in the production environment. We may suggest what should be monitored by metrics and what might be worth logging.

Why monitoring?

Sometimes metric based monitoring is faster and cheaper to implement compared to log based monitoring. In some cases, it is even impossible to count on your logging solutions and log aggregators. The volume of logs may be too big and logs could become too expensive to maintain.

We shared more about metrics and best practices in our blog post.

Optimal decisions led by metrics

You know your business best. To make optimal decisions, it may be useful to know what is happening on production environment. Monitoring and metrics are the tools to accomplish that. We need your business people to understand, analyze and to implement monitoring in the most efficient way.

We are willing to:

  • Architect, implement and maintain monitoring of your software.
  • Tune DataDog monitoring.
  • Troubleshoot and debug existing monitoring solution.
  • Help you automate provisioning of the monitoring software.
  • On-site training:
    • Monitoring and DataDog basics - 101 course
    • Pragmatic Guide to Operations for Developers

We are official Datadog partner. However, we are more than happy to work with any monitoring software you require.

"For me, their unique selling proposition is really just how experienced their crew is."