Elixir and Erlang


Meet the true BEAMers!

Considering to use Elixir or Erlang to build your new product? Partner with our full-stack development team to design and develop a tailored product or improve your existing solution.

BEAM is just a different name for Erlang VM. That is our beloved runtime, which enables the creation of the highly-scalable, distributed systems.

We truly love working with that technology, and as a side effect, it turned out that we have mastered it.

We are willing to:

  • Architect, implement and maintain highly-scalable systems.
  • Tune existing installations to achieve better performance and cost-effectiveness.
  • Moving mission-critical systems from on-premise into the public cloud platform.
  • Troubleshoot and debug existing systems.
  • Add instrumentation and orchestration.
  • Implement ports, drivers or libraries for accessing 3rd party services.
  • On-site training:
    • tuning Erlang VM,
    • debugging and tracing live systems,
    • 101 Elixir,
    • 101 Erlang.


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"For me, their unique selling proposition is really just how experienced their crew is."