Amazon Web Services

Cost optimization

You can pay up to 30% less for your infrastructure. Overprovisioned infrastructure can be easily fixed with battle-tested patterns. We strongly believe that cost optimization should not be a single task. We help our clients to develop cost monitoring as an automated process.


AWS lets you scale globally. At some point you may loose control over your resources. We can audit your infrastructure and help you find optimal way of managing resources hosted in the AWS.

Software Design and Development

Infrastructure as a Code is a must-have for every project. This is the first topic we check in our Audit service and first step in development process. We can help you pick the right tools for the right job to develop, iterate and deliver projects in weeks, not months.

Deployment & Monitoring

Our DevOps engineers help our clients to prepare predictable pipelines for fully automated deployment. We strongly believe that automation is the most important point of every delivery pipeline.

"For me, their unique selling proposition is really just how experienced their crew is."