Elixir & Erlang

The Beam VM is our technology of choice. We participated in building really big system on top of it and we thing it is a right tool for the job. Apart from the large scale systems, we think it is a very good platform to quickly prototype and validate smaller services. We are seasoned BEAM developers with more than five years of experience, that are also very active in the community by giving talks, preparing workshops on major Elixir and Erlang events. Moreover some of us contribute to OTP and other open-source projects.

Learn more about our expertise.

Scalability Expertise

We have a tons of experience when it comes to big scale systems. Starting on big Instant Messaging installations processing millions of messages daily, ending on a worldwide distributed,multi-billion transaction platform. Our experience here is not constrained to Erlang & Elixir, we helped to design and scale systems written in many different technologies including: Java, C#, NodeJS, C++.

We will be happy to help you:

  • Design scalable architecture.
  • Identify bottlenecks and single points of failures.
  • Capacity planning and cost estimation.
  • Perform load tests - exercise system under high load to measure the capacity and the limits of your system.

Blockchain applications

We love Blockchain and are eager to work with you on any project that is using this visionary technology. We strongly believe that Blockchain is a revolution, a next milestone in IT advancement. We are sure that it will become major building block in many, many products. It is now a perfect time to evaluate Blockchain, see what it can do for you and ultimately design and create some visionary product (that may even change a world).

Why us?:

  • We have expertise in C++ high performance coding and Elixir/Erlang which are perfect for Blockchain development
  • We really know how to make things scale
  • We love distributed systems and have many years of hands-on experience with them
  • Security is always a priority for us
  • We will help you evaluate your ideas quickly with clarity and transparency
  • We are enthusiastic to work with Blockchain

DevOps & SRE on: AWS, Azure, GoogleCloud, Kubernetes

We are believers and true practitioners of DevOps movement. We all know and have strong evidences how proper CI/CD pipeline is able to boost product development. It always significantly reduces cost of maintenance and eliminate repeatable work which make the whole process of testing and deployment error prone. We always took ownership and responsibility for the system from the code development to production phase, so we all know how important it is to keep it in a stable and predictable state. Moreover, throughout our careers we gained experience with the biggest public cloud providers that ended up in having certificates.

This is what we can do for you in this field:

  • Employ infrastructure as a code approach using CloudFormation, Terraform or Docker containers.
  • Create the whole CI/CD pipeline that is going to streamline development process.
  • Setup proper monitoring and log collection end expose metrics important from the business point of view.
  • Based on metrics setup proper alerting system, that will quickly let you know that something is going wrong on production.
  • Design and implement serverless applications.
  • On-site training: CI/CD pipeline, intro to cloud and overview of cloud services, serverless architecture, infrastructure as a code.

Instant Messaging

We have an expertise in Instant Messaging solutions. We participated in both small functionality focused projects and ones that have millions of active users every day. We know exactly, what kind challenges you might face during development of Real-time messaging solutions.

Let us present some areas where we can add value to you team and you product:

  • Design scalable chat architecture.
  • Scale and troubleshoot existing installations.
  • Add support for 3rd party services like push notifications.
  • Prepare and implement custom XMPP extensions(XEPs).
  • Extend MongooseIM/ejabberd to add new functionality.
  • Mobile applications development.