Services We Provide

Amazon Web Services


We can help you with Amazon Web Services on any stage of the project. If your project is using AWS infrastructure in any scale, we are here to increase your performance and pick the right path.

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Are you looking for decreased time to market, increased reliability, or infinite scalability? Choose serverless on AWS, trust our battle-tested team and focus on your business, leaving the tech to the experts.

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Spring Boot


Do you want to boost your Spring Boot projects to the next level? Trust our battle-tested team and focus on your business, leaving the tech to the experts.

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Software Monitoring


Together we can make your product work 24/7 and reduce downtime to a minimum. We want to work with your engineers and product owners to achieve technical excellence in monitoring of your own product.

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DevOps Consulting


We bridge the gap to accelerated delivery by bringing in flexibility, collaboration and automation.

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Team Augmentation


Augment your Agile team with our engineers and increase performance in days. Fast onboarding and technical excellence are values our clients appreciate the most.

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Elixir and Erlang


Considering to use Elixir or Erlang to build your new product? Partner with our full-stack development team to design and develop a tailored product or improve your existing solution.

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"For me, their unique selling proposition is really just how experienced their crew is."


What our clients say

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Pattern Match contributed about 30-50% of the workforce of the project. Particulary, they brought AWS expertise (AWS, Kubernetes, Containers and Serverless) into the team. The project was delivered in time and budget. After having 100% traffic shifted to the new stack we can state that there are no disturbances whatsoever, no loss of page rank, and page speed has improved. All in all, the entire project was delivered successfully. Pattern Match was always very hands-on and results driven. On management level we benefitted from close communication and a direct line to Wojciech and Sebastian.

Sven Krahn

Chief Technology Officer (CTO), HRS GmbH

Pattern Match, from the early beginning, showed their value with our transformation to serverless architecture. Vast knowledge about AWS that Pattern-Match has allowed us to avoid many problems that are common for the newbies in this technology and infrastructure. They support our team on each stage of our project, starting from planning, architecture, and finish on implementation. We are glad to have such a partner, and we recommend them as professionals in Serverless Computing and AWS.

Krzysztof Osiński

VP of Research and Development at DTiQ

Pattern Match offered us their leading erlang consultant who was excellent and got to grips with the service very quickly. Within the first week, most of the functionality we required was ready and work began in the 2nd week on some of the nice to have features. Most mornings when we came in there was a Pull Request waiting for us to review with exactly what we needed. I couldn't be happier with how it went and will use them again for sure. The product is due to go into production in a matter of weeks.

David Craft

Founder, Pipit Labs Limited

We are grateful to the Pattern Match team for the provided help! Thanks to their quick reaction and hassle-free onboarding to the project, they have helped to extend the existing product. During their work, they have confirmed that they are not the engineers, but more like full-stack employees, and they do not stop at the technical layer solely. With their flawless and clear communication, knowledge and experience related to Erlang programming language and BEAM platform agreed functionalities had been improved quickly, without introducing additional issues.

Robert Siebielski

Owner of and (Polish Domain Registrar and Reselling Services)
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