Dedicated Experienced Team with Public Transportation expertise

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The case study how our well-knit team of senior software engineers is helping to build highly-scalable and performance-critical public transportation serverless system from areas of ecology, green energy, and e-mobility.

Executive Summary

Due to the high profile and ambitious business goals, our client found themselves in a situation where they quickly needed to lease a complete and self-organizing software engineering team - everything to provide additional capacity and diversify skills of their internal IT teams.

About the Subject

Pattern Match provides a dedicated team in the augmentation model for a public transportation company. The team is consisting of veteran back-end engineers (Spring, Spring Boot, and Java) with strong AWS and Serverless knowledge. Working within the agile methodology, they also support architecture, design, infrastructure, and DevOps initiatives in the services as mentioned earlier.

Challenges and Objectives

As the described project has a high profile and critical meaning, recruiting, onboarding, and training adequate IT specialists will be a time-consuming and expensive process. Our client needed a senior team with domain experience that will allow moving forward without any disruptions. Additionally, one of the most critical non-functional requirements enforces the use of Cloud Computing, in particular, Amazon Web Services, which makes recruitment and onboarding even more challenging.


Pattern Match has provided a specialized and harmonious team. That minimized to zero the onboarding time. The team did not require additional training, since the provided candidates already had experience in the domain and technology applicable in those cases, thanks to our other work in the sector.


Thanks to our help, the development of a mission-critical system is racing forward. Pattern Match‘s team has started and helped to maintain the pace of the architecture and development of the critical components of the system.

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