Staff Augmentation of the Innovation Division with Senior Software Engineers

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Learn how we helped to deliver business value together with our client from the Travel and Hospitality domain by introducing senior software engineers, AWS knowledge, DevOps culture, and mentoring.

Executive Summary

Learn how we helped to achieve time to market and production cost effectiveness improvements in software development business value together with our client from the Travel and Hospitality domain by introducing senior software engineers, AWS knowledge, DevOps culture, and mentoring.

Key Figures:

  • Introducing 5 people to 3 teams consisting of Senior Software Engineers.
  • Our team covered architecture, development, testing, DevOps, monitoring and AWS infrastructure.
  • Stable progress for more than a year with constant improvements introduced to the whole SDLC.
  • Our engineers were responsible for cost-optimization of the AWS infrastructure, introducing monitoring, migrating JVM-based microservice architecture from Amazon ECS to Kubernetes managed on AWS.

About the Subject

Global market leader providing end-to-end tech and data-driven business travel solutions. It simplifies corporate business traveling for customers like Apple, Tesla, Volkswagen, Google, Amazon, Alibaba, Siemens, Worldbank to name a few.

Challenges and Objectives

Recruiting, on-boarding, and training adequate IT specialists was a hard to achieve, time-consuming and costly process, and our client needed a much faster solution to support their services with minimum disruption. Ambitious business goals required much more diversified skills (DevOps with battle-tested experience in (Cloud Computing*, in particular, *Amazon Web Services*), which makes recruitment and on-boarding even more difficult.


Pattern Match has provided specialists who knew each other and worked together well, and the team did not require training, since the provided candidates already had experience in the domain of both client’s business and the wider travel and hospitality industry, thanks to our other work in the sector.

We also possessed the technical knowledge required and knew the technical stack used at our client’s company. We were able to cooperate successfully with the client’s team, since we have been working on one backlog with their Berlin-based employees.

They're very professional. I've worked with other agencies, and their motivation and professionalism surpass them all.
Pattern Match demonstrate best practices and are very helpful to our internal teams.

Head of Software Development

Client from Travel and Hospitality Sector (Berlin, Germany)

Our team has helped to maintain the continuity of the client’s services through the minimized impact of individual incidents thanks to fast response and resolution times. Since the beginning of our development service, the client has seen steady and stable progress of the delivered features and enhanced knowledge sharing across the teams.


All this meant that only a small effort from our client was needed to have the senior development team up and running.

Having an outsourced team means that our client has extended its capabilities as a company. They also can focus on their company growth and business development with no need to worry about scaling up or down resourcing (e.g., people leaving or being off), as this is dealt with by Pattern Match.

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