AI Augmented Training Platform with VR Sessions

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Prototype of a traning platform that leverages new technologies including AI for lowering time-engagement at the content manager side and VR to provide another level of the immersion for a training session.

Executive Summary

Feasibility study for a customer interested in opening a new branch of their training program into VR (Virtual Reality). We have developed a tailored platform with the use of Amazon Sumerian and supporting AI services available on the AWS for chatbot development, text-to-speech synthesis, and speech-to-text analysis.

About the Subject

Technologies and responsibilities:

  • Serverless Development based on AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway,
  • Amazon Sumerian,
  • Amazon Polly and Amazon Lex,
  • Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Comprehend,
  • Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Cognito,
  • Monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting,
  • Cost and business model optimization per-user basis.

Challenges and Objectives

Our main concern was time and operational costs, as the client wanted to validate the business idea as quickly as possible. At the same time, the client wanted to reduce the time spent on content preparation and management. The additional concern was related to the revenue model, as one of the critical KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of this project is a precise calculation of cost per participant.


Thanks to that, we have reduced the amount of work needed to prepare training. The operator can respond to the participant feedback in a semi-automated fashion. The serverless approach allowed us to optimize the pricing and business model used for this application, which brings a significant cost reduction and predictable per-user cost.


Proof of concept delivered clear answers regarding profitability and allowed for business idea validation. The outcome was so positive that it allowed our client to open second phase of this project, which provides additional features related to the training process.

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