Application Performance Consulting

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Application performance consulting done for the growing start-up from the audio, video, and instant messaging domain. Additionally, the client requested various additional audits, to ensure that the release of the new channels will be smooth.

Executive Summary

Helping a growing start-up with performance evaluation of their back-end, WebRTC implementation, AWS infrastructure setup and testing approach for the release of new channels (web and mobile applications).

About the Subject


  • Performance and security audit of the AWS infrastructure.
  • Code quality audit of the infrastructure as code repository (Terraform).
  • Performance consulting for the back-end implementation of the instant messaging system.
  • Performance consulting for the WebRTC implementation.

Challenges and Objectives

Our team quickly on-boarded into the project. The main objective was to evaluate the performance of the whole system, provide actionable feedback, then gradually improve platform efficiency and stability.

After the first phase of performance improvements, we were able to move to the other places that require audits.


Thanks to our extensive experience with application performance testing and monitoring, we were able to quickly measure, evaluate, and provide actionable in the form of a report and consultancy. Performed tests were done with emphasize on WebRTC standard, as it is a core technology.

Additional code quality, security and compliance audits of the AWS infrastructure revealed a room for the improvements in terms of availability and performance of the whole platform.


We have provided a report and consulting services allow our client to reduce latency and increase platform stability, and availability. Improvements allowed for a much smoother and controlled release of new channels (web and mobile applications).

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