Elixir and Erlang

Meet the true BEAMers!

BEAM is a different name for Erlang VM. Our favorite runtime, which enables the creation of the highly-scalable, distributed systems. We truly love working with that technology, and as a side effect, it turned out that we have mastered it.

We are willing to:

  • Architect, implement and maintain highly-scalable systems.
  • Tune existing installations to achieve better performance and cost-effectiveness.
  • Moving mission-critical systems from on-premise into the public cloud platform.
  • Troubleshoot and debug existing systems.
  • Add instrumentation and orchestration.
  • Implement ports, drivers or libraries for accessing 3rd party services.
  • On-site training: tuning, debugging and tracing live systems, 101 Elixir, 101 Erlang and much more.

Team Dedicated to Build Highly-Scalable Distributed Systems

Our Achievements

  • 75 Erlang endorsements on LinkedIn
  • 25 Elixir endorsements on LinkedIn
  • 20 Distributed Systems endorsements on LinkedIn
  • 60 Pull requests to open sourced Elixir/Erlang projects
  • Lines of Elixir/Erlang code delivered for our clients
  • Cups of coffee drunk to guarantee the maintenance and delivery
  • 7 Talks and workshops given about topics mentioned above
  • 20 Conferences and Hackathons attended to sharpen the saw
  • Beers drunk during discussion about "hard engineering problems"

Our Experts

Paweł Pikuła

Paweł Pikuła

Instant Messaging Expert

LinkedIn Profile

Experienced Erlanger with more than 6 years of experience strictly related with BEAM (Elixir/Erlang). XMPP and instant messaging wizard, the former member of the Mongoose IM core (ejabberd fork). Previously involved into design and implementation of very demanding distributed systems like RTB (real-time bidding) and also into game development.
Wojciech Gawroński

Wojciech Gawroński

Elixir Evangelist

LinkedIn Profile

The functional programmer that truly loves BEAM (Elixir/Erlang). Started with Erlang for a few years and after discovering Elixir jumped into that space without second thoughts. Experienced trainer and lecturer, known in Elixir community mainly from tracing and debugging workshops conducted at ElixirConf on both sides of the globe.
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Veteran Elixir/Erlang Team Available

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Our Trainings and Talks

During our daily work, we leverage work and knowledge available at our fingertips provided by the community. As a core value that we live by is pay it forward. So we not only love building new stuff but we also eagerly share our knowledge with the community.

We performed following workshops during our careers:

We shared our knowledge at local user groups:

You should not trust our words only - please have a look for testimonials below:

Jim Freeze

Jim Freeze

ElixirConf Organizer

Wojciech conducted a training class at ElixirConf EU 2017 and ElixirConf US 2017. Both classes were well received, but his latest training at ElixirConf US, Join the Elixir Fire Brigade - Level-up Your Elixir Debugging Skills, was the most popular at the conference. In total, 550 people were trained in two days at the conference and 20% attended Wojciech’s class.

Wojciech made a difficult topic approachable and interesting and kept his students engaged for the full course. As a conference organizer, his professional attitude brought peace of mind that his class would be a success.

I highly recommend Wojciech as a trainer (or speaker) for any conference or workshop!

Our Contributions

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Experienced BEAMers Dedicated For Your Project

Are you considering to use Elixir or Erlang to build your new product?
Partner with our full-stack development team to design and develop a tailored product or improve your existing solution.

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