Spring Boot 2 And OAuth 2 - A Complete Guide

Yet another tutorial? Some time ago I’ve been asked to setup authentication for a Spring Boot-based REST application. “Easy-peasy” I said to myself. I’ve been coding in Java for many years. I’ve been using Spring framework since the very early version when you had to love the XML. I took into account all the requirements and proposed a solution with OAuth 2 as an authentication framework. I was happy to start a development.

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Dealing with void and null in RxJava 2

The Problem I recently updated my RxJava dependency from version 1.x to 2.x. Everything looks very good in RxJava world - new version seems to be more coherent and consistent. Much cleaner. You can find large amount of details in an official RxJava Github Repo. First sentences on this page say that: RxJava 2.0 has been completely rewritten from scratch on top of the Reactive-Streams specification. The specification itself has evolved out of RxJava 1.

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