What is wrong with gen_event?

gen_event confused me from the beginning, so I wanted to investigate the topic more deeply. I did that here. Then I left that topic, and it returned recently to me when I was wondering how the situation changed since then. Here is the updated version of the initial investigation, which started with the following statement: I never used a gen_event, I think it is a bad pattern. At first, it may look like a controversial statement, but I heard a lot of those complaints from other people.

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Configuring multiple endpoints in Phoenix Framework

In this post I want to show how to add another endpoint in Phoenix Framework, that is going to listen on a different port. I found out that this topic is not well described in the internet. In our case, this endpoint will be serving a very simple API returning status of the app. The following instructions work with Phoenix version 1.3.2 A separate endpoint gives extra security The first question that comes to mind is “why?

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