Kubernetes tutorial pt. 1 - Spin up high availability K8s cluster on AWS with help of kops

Introduction Welcome to the first part of our Kubernetes tutorial. We would like it to cover some day-to-day challenges that every DevOps engineer working with Kubernetes might encounter. That’s why we will assume that you, dear reader, are already familiar with Kubernetes and its basic concepts. In this particular part of tutorial we will focus on managing high availability Kubernetes cluster on AWS infrastructure. We will use kops - Production Grade K8s Installation, Upgrades, and Management tool.

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How We (almost) Reinvented Jenkins X on Our Own

Introduction I assume that almost everyone heard about the Jenkins. Many of you heard about the Kubernetes. In the world of infrastructure as a code in many cases, we set up Jenkins server in an automated fashion. There are plenty of solutions which we can leverage - starting from Jenkins Job Builder, through job-dsl and ending with Jenkins Pipelines. However, here comes a tricky question: how many of you automated Jenkins setup on Kubernetes?

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Serverless Slack Bot using AWS Chalice

Today I would like to show you how to build Slack Bot using serverless approach on AWS infrastructure. We are going to support our efforts using AWS Chalice framework. Our Slack Bot is going to be a dummy one. It will respond with a message we send to it. However this article is not about implementing sophisticated bot behavior. We want to setup whole stack which will be a foundation for further development.

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