The last thing that I missed in the CloudFormation

We don’t need expressive language, except when we need it By the end of August AWS released a developer preview of the Cloud Development Kit (aws-cdk in short), which allows you to codify infrastructure code in your language of choice. A real programming language. You may ask: why is it a big deal? Imagine that you have to prepare 30 IAM user accounts and S3 buckets with the following permissions:

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Summary of AWS Summit 2018 in Berlin

Introduction At the beginning of June, we have participated in an AWS Summit event in Berlin. A two-day, free event that started at 6th is an excellent opportunity to network, hear about novelties in AWS world. Personally, we seek such occasions, because In the past year AWS itself provided more than 450 updates and announcements regarding their services. Participating in such intensive event is a great way to catch up.

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