Why did we decide to get listed on market research platforms?

The Internet has changed how we buy products and services. If you are interested in buying a certain product you can do a research on your own, you can check things like customer reviews, product rankings before you made your final decision. In 2012 Forrester did a survey of B2B buyers and found that 74% of business buyers conduct more than half their research online before making a purchase.

The service space is no different in this matter. As a result of being online, companies enter the global market and compete with each other. We believe that competition is good and needed as it pushes service providers to innovation and ultimately makes us better every day. We need to look for improvements and be creative.

How to find a good IT service provider on the Internet?

As we are also acting as buyers, we are aware of how hard it is to choose the right product or service. Especially, when we already shortlisted the best fit and there are no differences between them.

Therefore, we decided to help our future customers. We’ve made research on companies which are specializing in gathering software service providers companies, research on the market and collect reliable customer reviews.

As a result, we decided to be present on 2 leading market research platforms: Clutch.co and GoodFirms.

Need for trusted opinions

Review channels like Google or Facebook company pages are nice places to leave an opinion about the company, but there is one major problem. The opinions posted here are not thoroughly and carefully verified. It causes issues on both sides of the spectrum.

The extremely bad opinion is going to hurt us and potential customers who will miss a chance to get what they need, especially when the review is made up by competitors.

On the other hand, extremely good opinion can be fake and misleading for potential customers, as a result, they waste time and money with a given provider.

There might be also a case that all the bad reviews are removed by the ingenuine page owner, who wants to hide some weaknesses, therefore building a false image of the company. Moreover, all the honest competitors are in a lost position.

Sample review from Clutch.co

Gain confidence thanks to sites like clutch.co and goodfirms.co

The mission of Clutch is to “Navigate Business Buying Decisions With Confidence” which speaks for itself. They take all the heavy lifting where it comes to validation of the companies present on their platform.

The reviews that are present on the website are done by independent analysts. Analysts interview clients over the phone, transcribe the conversation, edit it for length and clarity and publish the conversation to company profile. For Projects under $25,000 the company can direct their clients to an online review form.

As we draw from Clutch vision, platforms are buyer-centric. During the review & verification process phase, they are going to squeeze all the information that is important from the buyer perspective.


The next big issue while making a buying decision is differentiation. How to choose the right company from a group of shortlisted companies when they are similar? As no surprise this problem is also tackled by the mentioned platforms. They achieve that, by generating directories and rankings.

The directories and categories groups companies with a similar profile. Each directory has a dedicated person to take care of and based on their unbiased analysis rankings and leaders matrixes are generated helping buyers to find the best possible fit.

Top Cloud Computing Consultants in Poland

Pattern Match on software market research platforms

Pattern Match is currently present on the global market and we want to compete against market leaders in the transparent and independent rules. That is why we invested our time and effort to be present on Clutch and GoodFirms.

When we finish projects, we ask customers to give an honest review of provided services, so they can share the details of our cooperation. Potential buyers can go through them to see how we communicate, how we do things, how we solve potential issues and what are our strengths and weaknesses. We like to say of ourselves that “we are as professional as our last developed project”. Based on that deciding if there is a match between us is much easier.

Check our profiles on market research platforms!

Visit our Clutch and GoodFirms profiles and see how we are rated by our customers. If you want to work with us, just drop us a line using button below.

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