In this blog, we want to gather valuable resources about Microservices in a single place. Bookmark it, because we update it in the future.


Martin Fowler described Microservices well, and we believe it is a good start. The best way to start with microservice topic is following presentation:

Above presentation is an excellent introduction to Fowler’s article available here. Keep in mind that presentation does not cover the whole article, so we encourage to read a whole article.

Learn about principles

After you figure out what exactly Microservices are and how they work together, it’s time to make a deep dive into implementation details that make Microservices work on production well.

Check how big players are doing that

We found a fascinating presentation done by Josh Evans about the Netflix approach to Microservices.

Interesting Books

For those who want dig even more and read about specific patterns, we encourage to read the book Building Microservices. In this book, you’ll follow a fictional company throughout the book to learn how building a microservice architecture affects a single domain.

We would also like to recommend more DevOps oriented book The DevOps 2.0 Toolkit: Automating the Continuous Deployment Pipeline with Containerized Microservices by Viktor Farcic. We firmly believe that DevOps culture should be already adopted in your company before you go for Microservices.

Learn about the future

This blog post is about microservices. However, did you ever thought about the future of this approach? Maybe it is already too late to use this approach? Maybe lambdas and serverless are the way to go? We think it depends on your project and skill set of your engineers. However, if you want to check the newest cloud trends, we encourage you to view this presentation done by Adrian Cockcroft.

Different point of view

Finally, we encourage to have an open mind (as we do in Pattern Match) and check counter-arguments. Maybe Microservices approach is not a way to go in your organization?

We found that compelling arguments in the article The Death of Microservice Madness in 2018. For the balance, you can find counter-arguments for the mentioned blog post at Microservices without fundamentals.


Microservices are not a silver bullet. Picking this approach should be considered wisely because doing it wrong is worse than not doing it at all. We hope that after reading and watching all the provided resources, you should be able to make a right choice.

We can divide and conquer your monolith using Microservices

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