IT Market Research Platforms in detail: GoodFirms

Online research about services or products we want to buy became a standard practice nowadays. However, Online world by its nature can be very anonymous, how the buyers can find trustworthy sources of truth? Market research platforms come to the rescue by helping both buyers and sellers.

To get more high level introduction to the topic I recommend reading our recent blog post about the reasons that drove us to get listed on such market research platforms. In this blog post we are going to focus on one of the platforms we are present on - GoodFirms. If you want to read about the other platform we use - Clutch - I suggest to read our previous blog post. Let’s take a look what is GoodFirms and what are the benefits of using it for both interested parties.

Top Software Companies and Products: GoodFirms

GoodFirms Logo

Let’s quote GoodFirms words here:

GoodFirms is platform that connects businesses with not only service providers, but also with products.


GoodFirms has helped 102,925 businesses find the right software service companies and products

Whether you are looking for a digital product that will help your company or looking for people who deliver service you need, GoodFirms is a good place for you. As other platforms, it allows you to browse your object of interest and get them shortlisted thanks to applying various filters like category, location and overall rate.

How buyers benefit from it?

What value does it give to buying side. Let’s break it down to the most important ones.

Saves a lot of time

Doing research on your own is very time consuming task. First of all, extracting all the needed information is not easy, because companies have different websites and share a different details about them and their services or products. What is more, in order to get more details you need to contact given company which takes another big amount of time. Aligning with their working hours, scheduling a call, follow ups…

Everything is easy when you do it nth time. If you are looking for a service provider or product for the first time and you don’t have expertise in given field you need to fill the gap. That again is doable, but it takes a lot of time and effort, especially when you want to reach a decent level of expertise.

Delegating this task to market research platform can be really a weight off your shoulders.

Verified reviews

As we mentioned above it is easy to be anonymous on the Internet. So how can one trust company or product reviews. The answer is, they cannot be trusted unless somebody takes care of verification. This is the first problem solved by GoodFirms and other similar platforms.

First of all, GoodFirms only allows to sign up and login using LinkedIn account, so whenever you read a review you can also jump to reviewers LinkedIn profile. This is quite powerful, it is not easy to make totally fake LinkedIn profile.

Moreover, you can search for 2nd or 3rd level connections with given person and ask somebody from your network for introduction, so you can verify the review personally. Apart from this, GoodFirms carefully checks every review before publishing.

Shortlisting companies

The next problem that GoodFirms tries to tackle is shortlisting and ranking companies. Having verified reviews and unified company description makes comparison much simpler. You simply compare certain aspects which you value the most.

Apart from that, GoodFirms categorizes all the companies by the type of their services. For example we can list all AR & VR Development companies or Mobile Development ones.

GoodFirms directory filter

Then we can easily browse such category using filters and sort criterias visible in the picture. Thanks to that there is no problem in shortlisting small size companies from you city which charge an hourly rate that is within your budget.

GoodFirms research tab

If a ranking is needed, there is research tab. It changes the listing so that it includes numeric values of selected aspects like: reviews, experience or market penetration and they differ based on category. These numbers are based on what companies provide and the online research done by GoodFirms employees.

Interview with the owner

Doing business is not only a cold calculation of numbers, there is a social aspect as well. Apart from financial reward we want to work with a certain type of people. To develop a long lasting relationship it is necessary to have a match on personality level. GoodFirms helps with this aspect as well. It allows to publish video from your company’s internal events. What is I think unique, they also interview people like CEO of given company asking various questions from both technical and business domain. The interview is later published and visible in company’s profile. This gives a better picture about personality of CEO and the way he/she handles business engagements.

GoodFirms review process

As we mentioned before, one of the main verification aspects is using LinkedIn for authorization of the reviews. Of course this is not the only ingredient in verification process, the reviews are also validated by GoodFirms employees and cross checked with the data found using different channels.

GoodFirms review page

An interesting addition is that there is a possibility of recording a recommendation video. There is even a transcript and guidelines on what you are suppose to say on the recording. As you can see in the picture, you’ll get $20 gift card for choosing this way. The video reviews are faster to make from reviewer’s point of view and act as extra verification step.

Software categories

GoodFirms is not only for service providers. It also groups and ranks digital products that are useful for companies. For example looking at the Collaboration Tools category we can see services like Trello or Asana.

GoodFirms products page

We recommend checking it out, there are a lot of categories starting with the accounting software, ending with augmented reality software category.


As Pattern Match we are very happy of being present on GoodFirms. Via our profile we can present to the prospects what is our focus and how we work. When somebody reaches out to us, we know it will most likely be a perfect match, because prospects agree on our workstyle and our technology focus. Simply, both sides save a lot of time on discovery phase.

We definitely are going to keep working on our profile asking our current and future customers to give us reviews. We believe it is a good opportunity for us to improve and to improve industry as a whole thanks to the fair competition it generates. In the end it is a huge benefit for the buyer side.

We truly recommend GoodFirms for both the buyers and the service providers.

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