IT Market Research Platforms in detail:

Nowadays, conducting an online research before making a purchase is a standard practice for most business buyers. The need for trustworthy sources of truth for such an analysis caused a foundation of online market research platforms such as GoodFirms or These platforms connect the business buyers with the service providers. To get a wider introduction to them and read why we decided to be present on them visit our previous blog post.

However, in this blog post we are going to take a closer look at and benefits of using it from both the buyer and the service provider perspective.

The biggest player: is the biggest player in this sector. It contains over 42 000 agencies and hosts around 36 000 unbiased reviews. As they describe themselves: They saw a challenge, that market insight to guide business buying decisions is limited and often unorganized.

Business buyers have troubles finding credible and accessible resources due to:

  • Advertorials
  • Paid endorsements
  • Sponsored posts
  • Social channels censored by company owners

Moreover, there was no central place for client testimonials, case studies and data provided by companies. Every company website is different, information is scattered across many channels, so it takes a huge amount of time and effort to do the thorough analysis between two or more similar offerings.

That is why has been created and have a long record of success stories including our own!

How buyers benefit from it?

Let’s briefly take a look at the benefits for people who do the market research in order to find a suitable partner on Clutch.

It is a huge time saver

Every Clutch company profile must have certain information filled in, starting with company size and average hourly rate, ending with company focus. This is a massive timesaver. Usually these information, if present, is buried deep somewhere on company website and every company website looks differently…

Clutch Profile View

Unbiased reviews

We can consider Clutch as a third party to both buyers and sellers, they have no interest in favoring any group. Of course there are paid plans, but it is clearly visible which entries are sponsored. As an independent body, clutch makes sure that reviews are high quality and what is more important - unbiased. Moreover, all the reviews have the same structure and focus on the same important aspects.

Sample Reviews View

Easy comparison of companies

Both company profiles and uniform reviews make it is easy to compare companies on equal terms. Clutch goes one step further to make it even easier - they sort companies using their algorithms to generate rankings and leader matrixes, for example: Top Customer Software Developers in Paris, Top Cloud Consulting Services in Germany and so on.

Clutch’s review process

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, Clutch ensures the quality and independence of the reviews. They do it by assigning a person who is responsible for verifying identity and the information provided by the client.

There are two ways of reviewing company on Clutch. It is either an online form or over the phone verification. The phone verification is recommended for projects over $25,000 and it is the quickest way - Clutch representative conducts a short, 15 minutes interview and based on the answers fills the required fields. Otherwise reviewer can do it manually using online form to fill the details. The type of verification is later visible next to reviewer details.

Submit Review View

Some of the customers due to corporate policy don’t want to reveal the details who they are to the public. The good news is, this is possible by obfuscating the company name, by mentioning only the industry in which it operates. Thanks to Clutch verification process, buyer can be sure that this review is not totally made up.

Each review focuses on the following topics describing cooperation:

  • Background - Client introduces its business and its role in it
  • Challenge - Why they hired given company, what problems it was supposed to solve
  • Solution - How company has helped and how the cooperation looks like in details
  • Results & Feedback - What is the outcome of the engagement with general feedback
  • Ratings - Including: Net Promoter Score, Quality, Cost, Scheduling

Clutch’s rankings and leaders matrixes

Going through the huge list of similar companies takes a lot of time and effort. Clutch comes here to the rescue again. First of all they group companies by industries, categories and locations, so for example it is easy to create a shortlist of cloud computing consultants in NYC. What is more useful companies are sorted by Clutch’s internal ranking starting from the best ones.

A nice addition to those rankings are Leader Matrixes, that display companies using 2 dimensional graph. On one axis we have the ability to deliver while the other represents “focus” - which means how much given company is specialized in particular field. As you can see in the attached picture - Pattern Match is in the Niche Quadrant as we strongly specialize in Cloud Native Development.

Top cloud computing sercices in the UK

We are as good as last project we delivered

As Pattern Match we believe in continuous improvement, after each delivered project we sit together in a retro meeting. We of course gather things that went well, but the most important aspect during this meeting is what was not so good, what we can improve to deliver better experience, software and adjust our routines and processes.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without feedback from the people we worked with - our clients.

All of that wouldn’t be possible without the help from our customers

Keeping our profile up to date requires some effort from us, but the real heavy lifting is done by our customers. They spend their time preparing review and giving us feedback. We really appreciate this fact as we know that is not easy to make it number one on the priority list.

All the reviews give us a lot of value. Our customers are the best advocates of our brand and our services. It is good to take a look back to see what are our strengths, and what could be improved. We are always open to constructive feedback, we listen to it and adjust if needed.

Dear Customers, Thank you!


As Pattern Match we are very happy of being present on Clutch. It is a good source clients for us, thanks to our rich profile we can present to the prospects what is our focus and how we work. Thanks to all of that, when somebody contact us, we know it will most likely be a perfect match, because prospects agree on our style of work and focus. Simply, both sides save a lot of time on discovery phase.

There is also an another aspect, we want to challenge big names in the industry and clutch is the place where we can do it on fair and equal terms. We believe in this kind of fair competition that is beneficial to everybody, buyers and us as we know what we can do better in order to provide the best service.

We definitely are going to keep working and improving our profile asking our current and future customers to give us reviews. We truly recommend Clutch for both the buyers and the service providers.

Check our profile on Clutch!

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