Pattern Match says “Hello!”

We are pleased and excited to announce, that Pattern Match has been founded and we are ready to help you! Why us? Long story short: we are a group of highly passionate individuals carrying big bags of experience.

During our careers in the IT industry we noticed, how vital is a human factor in the software development process - actually, we believe it is even more important than the tech stack you choose. The great team can accomplish great things. The team without chemistry struggles to deliver even the most rudimentary elements.

Finding great team is HARD

We are in the IT business long enough to make a statement that finding great people that are great team players at the same time is not an easy job. We have met with each other on the different stages of our careers, and after working together for almost three years, we are confident to say - we have it. We are the self-organizing team, full-stack employees with the vast area of expertise. In other words, we did the hard job for our customers!

Why Pattern Match?

This term comes from functional programming, and we are all fans of it. For those of you who have not heard about it, it is a very descriptive and declarative way of controlling the flow of your programs. You declare the pattern, and if values fit - that particular path in the code will be executed. Simple, but at the same time expressive and powerful.

Why functional programming, you may ask? It is not a typical choice, even nowadays. We have seen many times a significant value added by using it compared to the Object Oriented approach, especially when it comes to Elixir & Erlang. VM for those, called BEAM, makes development, debugging, maintenance and scaling much more natural.

On the other hand, our well-knit team matches your needs. It matches recipe for success, so check out our services as we are confident that Pattern Match might be a Perfect Match for your business or Perfect Match for your personal growth as a part our team!

What you will find here?

We have decided to share our knowledge and experience with the community throughout this blog. We want to publish the broad range of content here: starting with juicy technical posts that will dive deeply into functional programming, highly scalable distributed systems and DevOps related topics. Ending with business advices related to the areas we are actively in, that is AdTech, MarTech, FinTech, eCommerce, Public Transport, Instant Messaging and IoT.

Here you can find a posts feed that will point you to our most recent thoughts. Please also be sure that you have subscribed our newsletter.

Stay tuned, and we are happy to have you here!

Tactical Support From A Veteran Team

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