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If you have not heard about Cloud Olympics organized by Chmurowisko I encourage you to check our review of the qualification round here.

If you read that one, you noticed that I did not make it to the finals (I was 3rd in the Cracow’s qualification round, just first two places were promoted to finals). But… life is full of surprises!

It turned out that one of the guys from the first two places could not make it. Last week I received an email from organizers that due to one person unavailability from Cracow’s semifinals. Second chance! I have not thought twice - I accepted a wild card and invitation to the finals.


I have participated in the finals which took place last Saturday in Warsaw. And I have to admit: the whole event was a fantastic opportunity to meet so many talented people, network with them, discuss and play together.

Organizers prepared five assignments - but this time they did not enforce any particular cloud that you had to use unless they required all of them. 😉


The best challenge? At least two were really good, especially those involving multiple cloud providers. But, definitely, the best one for me was 4th one - second to last.

I really like that one because it provided the answer for a straightforward (at the surface) question:

How many the exact same deployments using unique services across 8 different cloud providers you can do in 30 minutes?

Sounds tricky, isn’t it? The answer is surprisingly exact and precise - only Kamil (1st place) and I did precisely 11 different deployments.

The best part? Learning!

For sure, we all like networking and meeting new people. But as engineers, we love to solve problems and play with the new stuff. Learning was the essential element of that competition.

Speaking of technology: what kind of cloud providers we had in the final play?

Of course, the central trinity of cloud platforms: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

But, we also have exciting smaller providers like Aruba Cloud, OVH or Flexible Engine from Orange. From typically Polish providers we had CloudFerro (formerly - EO Cloud) and Netia Cloud.

I have collected the most interesting ones in the following infographic:

Infographics with Less-known Cloud Providers


First, things first: congratulations to all participants for setting the bar at a really high level. Special kudos to Kamil for being the best! It would be great to win this time, but being a 2nd the best cloud computing expert in Poland is also a great deal. I am honored!

Winners Participants and winners Obligatory selfie with the organizers Prizes

Last, but not least: I would like to thank Chmurowisko team for organizing the event. Definitely a fresh and unique element on Polish meetup and conference scene. They did a great job preparing really challenging and exciting assignments. Great job!

I hope that we will see each other during next year’s Cloud Olympics!

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