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We are the team of IT experts. However, we are not solely focused on IT - we breathe and live by the term full-stack employees - working in line with that motto for the clients and internally.


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With our flat structure and full transparency, our team can grow on a daily basis and focus on delivering as much value as they can, being satisfied at the same time by their salary and their job. Every member of the team is dedicated, experienced IT specialist that looked for something more. We like each other - not only in terms of work but also when it comes to having fun as a team.

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How to build reliable software? We strongly believe that reliability of the software is directly related to reliability of the people. Reliability leads to efficiency.
Throughout our carriers, we have seen too many teams which were too busy to improve. Methodology, team skill set, motivation and atmosphere - all of these matter to build an efficient team.
Picking the right tools for the right job is crucial in software engineering. Our mission is to help other people solve their problems with our experienced minds and sharpened tools.
Well-knit team
Elixir and Erlang experts
Cloud solutions architects
DevOps Engineers


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What our clients say

We are grateful to the Pattern Match team for the provided help! Thanks to their quick reaction and hassle-free onboarding to the project, they have helped to extend the existing product. During their work, they have confirmed that they are not the engineers, but more like full-stack employees, and they do not stop at the technical layer solely. With their flawless and clear communication, knowledge and experience related to Erlang programming language and BEAM platform agreed functionalities had been improved quickly, without introducing additional issues.

Robert Siebielski

Owner of and (Polish Domain Registrar and Reselling Services)
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