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Are you looking for skilled Elixir/Erlang developers? Cloud solutions experts? Or maybe DevOps and SRE engineers?

Then search no more as we are here to help you!

Well-knit team

Building an IT team is hard. Building an IT team of individuals with broad, complementary skill sets is even harder. But we would like to offer you our help with that. We have known and worked with each other for couple of years thus we won’t need time for team-building and can get straight to the job.

Elixir and Erlang

We are functional programming enthusiasts, especially fond of Erlang and Elixir - both of which we have battle-tested in real-time, highly available distributed systems.

Cloud solutions

We have great experience in designing systems that use public cloud platform, migrating on-premise infrastructures into cloud and expanding our clients’ systems into multiple regions across the globe.


We strongly believe in and support Blockchain revolution. Our vast experience with high performance, distributed and secure systems, combined with our readiness and desire to work with Blockchain makes us perfect match to help you achieve your business vision.


CI/CD pipelines, automated deployments, infrastructure as a code - they might be just buzzwords for some people but for us they are the way to go.

Site Reliability Engineering

Do you want to have better insight into your system performance? See in real-time how your platform reacts for increased load? Or maybe you want to proactively monitor your infrastructure and react to anomalies? We can help you achieve that.

High Quality IT Services

We have worked with substantial enterprise organizations and very fresh startups. Our expertise covers a plethora of business domains, just mentioning the few like AdTech, MarTech, FinTech, eCommerce, Public Transport, Instant Messaging and IoT.

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What is wrong with gen_event?

By Wojciech Gawroński on August 31, 2018

gen_event confused me from the beginning, so I wanted to investigate the topic more deeply. I did that here. Then I left that topic, and it returned recently to me when I was wondering how the situation changed since then. Here is the updated version of the initial investigation, which started with the following statement: I never used a gen_event, I think it is a bad pattern. At first, it may look like a controversial statement, but I heard a lot of those complaints from other people.

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Microservices: What Makes Developer Happy?

By Patryk Lenza on August 27, 2018

What is this about? You may want to check our previous article to gather some insights about Microservices in general. In this blog post, I’d like to present my very subjective view on 10 traits that when present, will make Microservices much pleasant to use by developers … and ultimately put a smile on their faces :) Ten traits of Microservices that make developers happy Recently I had a meeting with experienced architects - we wanted to define what Microservice means.

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Microservices: Ultimate Compilation of Valuable Resources

By Paweł Hajduk on August 16, 2018

Motivation In this blog, we want to gather valuable resources about Microservices in a single place. Bookmark it, because we update it in the future. Theory Martin Fowler described Microservices well, and we believe it is a good start. The best way to start with microservice topic is following presentation: Above presentation is an excellent introduction to Fowler’s article available here. Keep in mind that presentation does not cover the whole article, so we encourage to read a whole article.

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5 Unexpected Benefits of Remote Cooperation

By Wojciech Gawroński on July 5, 2018

Joy or Pain of Constant Cooperation? The biggest lie of Computer Science studies is the premise that we will work solely with computers. Dealing only with tough engineering problems, we will work only with predictable and logical silicone matter. That is an engineering utopia. If you work long enough in that business, you know that it is not going to happen. IT is immensely teamwork oriented. People-stuff will surface everywhere, and that is good.

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