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Are you looking for skilled Elixir/Erlang developers? Cloud solutions experts? Or maybe DevOps and SRE engineers?

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Well-knit team

Building an IT team is hard. Building an IT team of individuals with broad, complementary skill sets is even harder. But we would like to offer you our help with that. We have known and worked with each other for couple of years thus we won’t need time for team-building and can get straight to the job.

Elixir and Erlang

We are functional programming enthusiasts, especially fond of Erlang and Elixir - both of which we have battle-tested in real-time, highly available distributed systems.

Cloud solutions

We have great experience in designing systems that use public cloud platform, migrating on-premise infrastructures into cloud and expanding our clients’ systems into multiple regions across the globe.


We strongly believe in and support Blockchain revolution. Our vast experience with high performance, distributed and secure systems, combined with our readiness and desire to work with Blockchain makes us perfect match to help you achieve your business vision.


CI/CD pipelines, automated deployments, infrastructure as a code - they might be just buzzwords for some people but for us they are the way to go.

Site Reliability Engineering

Do you want to have better insight into your system performance? See in real-time how your platform reacts for increased load? Or maybe you want to proactively monitor your infrastructure and react to anomalies? We can help you achieve that.

High Quality IT Services

We have worked with substantial enterprise organizations and very fresh startups. Our expertise covers a plethora of business domains, just mentioning the few like AdTech, MarTech, FinTech, eCommerce, Public Transport, Instant Messaging and IoT.

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How did I build a serverless offline button with Amazon Web Services and Elixir?

By Wojciech Gawroński on March 13, 2019

Introduction Slack won. It took over the world by storm (especially if we are talking about IT), without prisoners and with no mercy (e.g., Atlassian admitted that they do not have a chance by selling the IP and shutting down HipChat and Stride). You may or may not be a fan, you might dislike the tool itself (anyone missing the days when we all used IRC at work?), but it is definitely going to stay with us for a long time.

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Spring Boot 2 And OAuth 2 - User Authorization and Token Revocation

By Sebastian Feduniak on February 12, 2019

More security! In a modern application the authentication on its own is not sufficient. It’s a common practice to grant different privileges to a group of users. Also when we talk about users, the two basic uses cases come to our mind - user log-in and log-out. In this post we will cover user authorization and OAuth 2 token revocation in the Spring Boot 2 framework. This tutorial is a second part of the recent post introducing token-based authentication in the Spring framework.

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Kubernetes tutorial pt. 1 - Spin up high availability K8s cluster on AWS with help of kops

By Aleksander Mamla on January 30, 2019

Introduction Welcome to the first part of our Kubernetes tutorial. We would like it to cover some day-to-day challenges that every DevOps engineer working with Kubernetes might encounter. That’s why we will assume that you, dear reader, are already familiar with Kubernetes and its basic concepts. In this particular part of tutorial we will focus on managing high availability Kubernetes cluster on AWS infrastructure. We will use kops - Production Grade K8s Installation, Upgrades, and Management tool.

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How to safely build Erlang with crypto without OpenSSL issues?

By Wojciech Gawroński on January 27, 2019

Check out other blog posts related to Erlang: How to deal with CDATA in xmerl? Dark Corners of Erlang and Elixir Tracing How would you debug a highly concurrent system? Erlang + OpenSSL love-hate relationship Sigh. I observe one of the issues above every single time when I need to use an older version of Erlang. It happens only for the aged ones, because they need OpenSSL 1.

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